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Register for First Visit

Recheck or Cancel appointment
(For Return Visit)

Recheck or Cancel appointment
(For First Visit)

Register for First Visit

Notice for First Visit(First Vistor is defined as the first time come to our hospital)
  1. Registration
    • Nations: Please come to the counter on the day of your consultation
    • Foreigner :
    • Without residence permit:Please come to the on-site counter on the day of your consultation.
      Person with residence permit:You may make an appointment by registering on the counter, by telephone, on the Internet, or by APP. On the day of your visit, you must complete the check-in procedure at the outpatient registration counter.
  2. Walk-in Numbers
    • Limited to same-day clinic visits:
    • Morning clinic: 07:40-11:00(On Saturday: 08:00-11:00)
      Afternoon clinic: 07:40-16:00
      Night clinic :07:40-20:00
    • Non-same day clinic visits:
    • Monday, Wednesday to Friday :07:40-21:00(Pick-up deadline :20:50)
      On Tuesday:07:40-20:30(Pick-up deadline :20:20)
      On Saturday:08:00-14:00(Pick-up deadline :13:50)
  3. Register by telephone:(02)2871-2151,Monday to Friday : 08:00-17:00,( Saturday: 08:00-12:00)
  4. On the Internet, or APP(Non-same day clinic visits):24 hours service
  5. Registration Process:
    • Fill out the “Patient Registration Form”:Download here(enrolled in NHI program  /  not enrolled in NHI program),or take from the counter.
    • Please take your “Patient Registration Form” ,health insurance card, ID card and related preferential ID card (original) registering on the counter in time.
  6. Location: No.201, Sec. 2, Shipai Rd., Beitou District, Taipei City, Taiwan 11217, R.O.C. (the first floor of the first outpatient Building).
  7. International Medical Service Appointment (self-pay clinic)
Reminds:please complete the check-in procedure first, on the day of your consultation.

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